Why Did I Create This Brand/Newsletter?

It’s always been my dream to be free financially, independent of the corporate or mundane rat race - entrepreneurship, investing, and trading were my vehicles of choice.

Like most truly experienced traders know … any real success long-term doesn’t come without the painful loosing lessons along the way.

It was my goal with this newsletter to shorten the learning curve for those that are passionate about following the same path and to add a truly remarkable new trading edge for those that may already have their own process.

My greatest revelations in this game of capital markets, came from long arduous pursuits of consistency - which ultimately led to several significant discoveries about the way markets behave.

You see everything in the universe has to obey by and is bound by the same set of “universal laws” - at least bound in these current dimensions of time and space we experience this reality in as humans. But in these confides, the laws of the universe apply to markets just like they do to physics and everything else in nature from the micro to the macro. As above so below.

Everything moves in waves and cycles - its how energy travels. The same way light travels from the sun or sound waves hit our ears, even gravity itself moves in waves and cycles.

(Sound Waves In Non-Traverse Form - Very Similar To How Markets Move)

This energy flow is consistent in markets but not just from a spatial perspective, the rhythms of time exist all around us and in a fractal manner in markets as well.

We have studied and applied these cyclical concepts to markets. What you will find is repeatable patterns of not just price and “technicals” but a clear pattern of TIME and cyclical structure that once understood will take your trading/investing to new levels of consistency you have always wanted.

A great example of the cyclical trading structures we have identified revolve around the concept of π. Pi is the perfect circle. The mathematical constants of Pi are well known, but its numerical significance shows itself in cyclical wave structures as well. Sine and cosine functions repeat with the period of 2π.

This just shows there is an underlying structure and geometry of not just SPACE, but also TIME.

It becomes one of those great “ah haa” moments - and I’m confident you as a reader and subscriber of this content will begin to see a whole new world of opportunities, edges, and the confidence to act with these cyclical concepts taking your equity curve to new all-time highs.

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Jason Jenkins - CEO/Founder of JRM